We love all our stories, and we’re so happy for our contributors when their beautiful work is recognized!

Here is a list of Milk Candy stories that have been honored:

Stories from 2022

A Solid Contribution ~ by Kathy Fish: Best Microfiction 2023 Selection

Stories from 2021

The Terrible Darling ~ by Exodus Oktavia Brownlow: Wigleaf Top 50 Very Best Short Fictions 2022 Selection

A Beginner’s Guide to Summoning Bloody Mary ~ by Audrey Hawkes: Wigleaf 2022 Longlist

Girl as Music Box Ballerina ~ by L Mari Harris: Best Microfiction 2022 Selection

Advanced Math for the Sleepless ~ by Laila Amado: Best Small Fiction 2022 Selection

Stories from 2020

“an essay about ghosts” ~ by Lee Patterson: Best Microfiction 2021 Selection

Eric the Astronomer ~ by Rick White: Best British & Irish Flash Fiction 2019-2020

Mary-Ann Shoemaker ~ by Sarah Priscus: Wigleaf 2021 Longlist

Road Runners ~ by Kathryn Kulpa: Best Microfiction 2021 Selection

Sometime in the Middle of a Long Summer ~ by Madline Hanley: Wigleaf Top 50 Very Short Fictions 2021 Selection

The Clown King ~ by Avra Margariti: Best Microfiction 2021 Selection

Stories from 2019

Anatomical Venus Girl ~ by Clio Velentza: Best Microfiction 2020 Selection

Bodily Fluids ~ by Marissa Hoffmann: Wigleaf 2020 Longlist

Midnight on the Moon ~ by Francine Witte: Best Microfiction 2020 Selection; Wigleaf 2020 Longlist

Moose Hunt ~ by Ben Niespodziany: Wigleaf Top 50 Very Short Fictions 2020 Selection

She Can’t Settle Down ~ by M.J. Iuppa: Wigleaf 2020 Longlist

Things I’m Holding (for you) ~ by Kayleigh Shoen: Wigleaf 2020 Longlist

Warsaw Circus ~ by Kathryn Kulpa: Best Microfiction 2020 Selection

Woods ~ by Leonora Desar: Wigleaf 2020 Longlist

A Writer’s Guide to Fairy Tales ~ By Ellen Rhudy: Best Small Fiction 2020 Selection