We recently published Harsimran Kaur’s stunning “2011 blue Subaru speeding to the end of the world.”

Here, we ask her two questions about her story:

1) These girls! I know these girls! Everyone knows these girls! When you tell their story, they seem both familiar and new, all at once. So! Do you know these girls?

Throughout the piece, I have tried to know them. Understand where they come from. All in all, they need understanding and patience. They’re part of an image that I wanted to create. But there’s this space between them and me that seems ever-existing—building up unknown possibilities—because of which one moment I know them, and the next I don’t.

2) The distance between the narrator and these girls feels so immense — “never-ending,” as the story tells us. But do you think it really is?

I like to believe so! The distance builds much of the context in the piece—the making of their fierce characters justifies the same. The dream-like quality of these girls adds further to their estrangement and alienation faced by them as the piece moves. The distance between the narrator and them is both noticeable and perpetual, contributing to the immensity. The narrator tries labelling the girls into one category but it is the strong character [of the girls] that leave no stone unturned and leaps and bounds its way to the end.