We recently published Kik Lodge’s searing “Rock.”

Here, we ask her two questions about her story:

1) I love the voice in this story — it makes me feel like I am hearing a confession or perhaps a plea. Do you think anyone else, outside of the reader and Annie and the stars, is listening?

Oh, I hope! The story came from a bleak set of statistics regarding the number of feminicides in France – on the rise since lockdown. We’re in 2022 and women are still punching bags, certain men’s possessions. So yes, I’d like to think the trapped women are listening too.

2) The detail of this night with her sister being “five boyfriends ago” is so brilliant. It tells us so much about the character and what she has done since this first declaration. Do you think, shouting it out now, that she really believes that she will never again be “anyone’s woman”?

Thanks for this question, Cathy! I think the simple act of saying something out loud is bold. It unlocks thoughts, stirs us from our zombie state. Despite the succession of boyfriends you speak about, and the hint we have of history repeating, I think she just might act this time. She’s aware of the broken promise, the gulf between her younger and current selves, and she’s calling on the stars to hold her accountable. But that’s buoyant-me speaking – I know how hard it is to be on the cusp of leaving, how immobility hounds us; we can live our whole lives on the cusp, can’t we?