We recently published Jessie Lovett Allen’s sparkling “Sports Moms at the End of the World.”

Here, we ask her two questions about her story:

1) I really love how the sports moms try to rebuild their worlds — in particular, the swim mom’s attempt sounded very authentic to this former swimmer! Of course, there is no recreating what is gone. Do you think the sports moms will accept this?

I’m hopeful they will. These bizarre compensatory activities are a bit sad, and I’d like to imagine these moms will reinvent their identities, post-apocalypse.

2) And of course the title lets us know, it’s not just the children’s sports that will be gone — soon it will be everything. What was the impetus to create an apocalypse from this perspective for you?

I observed that for some parents, it felt apocalyptic when the pandemic resulted in canceled sports seasons or even spectator restrictions. And it can feel apocalyptic to parents when their child-athlete graduates high school and leaves the home. Some parents’ identities are enmeshed with their children’s sports, and it’s a dynamic that can be loving and supportive, but also absurd. However it’s not just sports moms; we will all grieve various lost identities during our life cycle, and we will all find idiosyncratic ways to cope within the ruins of these personal apocalypses.