We recently published Rachel Abbey McCafferty’s lovely “Setting: Everywhere and nowhere, all at once.”

Here, we ask her two questions about her story:

1) I love that, in this world you’ve created, all the residents have to do to visit anywhere they’ve ever dreamed of is … just go! (And leave a note, of course.) Where would you leave for if you had this opportunity?
I’d head for the ocean. Or some other body of water. Lakes, rivers, ponds — they’ve always just felt like home to me. I have a lot of good memories tied up in those spaces, but there’s also just something in the air, the rhythm of the waves. I feel complete.

2) There is one note left behind that has “only one word written on it.” I have my thoughts about what that word is, and I suspect other readers have other thoughts. Do you think we could all be right? Or, alternately, could we all be wrong?

It’s the heart of the story, isn’t it? That all of these people realize they could go anywhere in the world, anywhere in time, real or not, and they choose these moments of joy, connection, love? I think the nature of the word I envisioned means you all got it right.