We recently published Stephanie Yu’s beautiful “Fruit Salad.”

Here, we ask her two questions about her story:

1) I love the parallel between Rima and the Mandy Moore in the movie the girls watch at the slumber party, and that idea of forgetting that night, forgetting the song, forgetting, even, iPods, but remembering Rima — always. Do you think there is some part of these girls that would like to forget her as easily as they have forgotten everything else?

Absolutely. This micro is drawn from my experiences growing up in the vicinity of eating disorders and how “forgetting” was very much a horror of the disease. People tried to ignore or forget that it was happening to someone for the sake of propriety, even if the evidence was so clearly in front of them. It’s something that still haunts me from that time and I think still haunts these girls so many years later.

2) Okay, but the candy fruit salad, though! That is such a clever idea! Have you ever eaten a fruit salad like this?

I have! It was only a one time thing, because I felt sick about five minutes into eating it. But it seemed like such a good idea at the time! I am obsessed with things shaped to look like food, so a gummy candy fruit salad is 100% me.