We recently published Veronica Klash’s sweet “I Think I Love the Small Woman Who Lives in My Hair.”

Here, we ask her two questions about her story:

1) I think the most obvious question here is “how did the small woman come to be living in the protagonist’s hair?” But, for me, I think the more important question is: Does it really matter?

The small woman has always lived in the protagonist’s hair and for the purposes of this little story I don’t think it matters how or why. She’s just there.

2) The relationship here, for me, comes across as one of a couple grown comfortable with each other, yet still feeling the blush of new love. How do you see this relationship?

I like to keep my flash and micros fairly vague so that the reader can project their own interpretation unencumbered. If you don’t want your interpretation spoiled, stop reading this answer now. The idea of this story came to me as “what if that internal voice, that sometimes judgmental, annoying internal voice wasn’t internal at all? What if it had an actual physical manifestation? And what if after years of fighting with the voice you finally accepted it? Even grew to love it and it loved you back?” So the love between the protagonist and the small woman is something new, even though their relationship is one that spans decades.