1. That even though I can’t bring myself to get up early (or on time) most days, on the days I do, I can make pancakes and eggs for my wife.
  2. That on the days I can’t, she suits up like Diver Dan and brings us coffee.
  3. That even though we’ve spent more than half our married life thus far in one room, we got married before all this.
  4. That we moved out of that studio apartment last year.
  5. That even if it is very small, we have a very small yard.
  6. That even though most of that yard is in shade, there is an even smaller patch of light that I can put a garden box.
  7. That our dog doesn’t hate us yet.
  8. That we don’t hate each other yet.
  9. That we don’t hate our dog yet.
  10. That even though our dog does hate our garden, we still managed to salvage some lettuce.
  11. That that lettuce was edible.
  12. That even though when I sit at my desk to work my neighbor can clearly see that I’ve been wearing the same clothes for a week, he doesn’t say anything about it.
  13. That even though my wife and I are both depressed, we were depressed before all this too, so in a way we’ve been training for this.
  14. That we’ve been taught to practice gratitude.
  15. That this is an abridged list.
  16. That the things left off this list are much more important than the things on it.


Steven Genise’s work has appeared in Gone Lawn, Flash Flood, Menacing Hedge, Crack the Spine, and others, and he is the fiction editor for Cascadia Magazine.