We recently published Sudha Balagopal’s stunning “Peacock Feathers.”

Here, we ask her two questions about her story:


1) I love that opening line, “I date a man who has wings; a man who can fly.” Do you think this trait is what drew the narrator to him, or was there something else?

Oh yes, it’s the wings!

It’s his ability to fly, it’s the places he’s been, it’s the aura of strength and beauty, it’s the breadth of his knowledge from traveling ― all of this makes for a heady combination.

It’s his very “difference” that makes him attractive.


2) At the end, the narrator is waiting to tell the winged lover a certain truth, “if he ever returns.” Do you think he will return, or will she have to forever keep this knowledge to herself?

He won’t come back.

It’s clear from the way he didn’t turn around, the way he didn’t pause to wonder why she isn’t with him.

Unfortunately, she may never be able to tell him what she now knows.

However, the narrator has understood from his actions that he didn’t really get her or he wouldn’t have brought her inappropriate wings. And that comprehension has immense value.