We recently published Avra Margariti’s colorful “The Clown King.”

Here, we ask her two questions about her story:


1) The Clown King is such a vivid character! What really drew me to her is that she is a king and a woman — were you ever tempted to make her a clown queen? Or to have a male ruler?

I think that, in this little world I’ve created, the holder of the “king” title was originally a man. Then the royal title was passed down through generations, and nobody thought to change it because why should the gender binary matter to a community of clowns?


2) A lot of folks suffer from, as you mention in the story, coulrophobia. Are you among them, and is this an attempt to “write what scares you”? Or are you one of those strange folks who likes clowns?

I was never afraid of clowns, probably because we had a lot of clown decorations around my house when I was growing up (I still haven’t figured out if this is a Greek thing or a family thing). I think what’s fascinating about clowns is that there are all these different types and subcategories–you have your carnival harlequins, monochrome mimes, court jesters, etc.