We recently published Olivia Kingery’s lovely “Alice takes herself on a date,” part of her “Alice” series.

Here, we ask her two questions about her story:


1) This Alice story is part of an “Alice” series. What gave you your first idea of “Alice” and what was the first story where she took shape for you?

Alice is my professor @JferHow ‘s (Jen Howard’s) cat, who I have the pleasure of cat sitting while Jen is adventuring. The first time I met Alice, she came right up to me and Jen said “this is a good sign”. I was smitten from them on. Alice does puzzles with me and listens to me read and helps me write by biting my pens alot. She is so spunky and alive, and I know she is holding secrets of her past adventures in there. The first story where she took form as a character was “Alice is 307 years old”, which is kind of the mother piece for all Alice pieces. While it tells a bit of her backstory, a reader could jump into any story and understand where Alice is coming from – whether she is a cat, or a person, or a Monarch butterfly.

2) I love this idea of being in love with yourself, taking yourself out on a date. It’s a kind of acceptance that I think a lot of people don’t really feel for themselves. Do you think Alice has found a kind of peace here that a lot of us are missing out on?

Yes! Alice has absolutely found a peace in this type of self acceptance that others shy away from. I think, especially today, the majority of society has forgotten self love does not mean being self absorbed. We are stuck with ourselves our whole lives! Why not enjoy some of it? Since Alice takes so many different forms, the idea of self acceptance and self love changes as she does too. Going on a date with yourself is (for some, like me and Alice) the best date possible. And of course, cats prefer to be alone anyway, so they are the best at self love already, right?