We recently published Shome Dasgupta’s brilliant micro, “Upon a Sunny Day at Noon.”
Here, we ask him two questions about his story:


1) I love the imagery in this tiny piece, how much impact it gives us in such a small space, but I have to ask: why an avocado?

Thank you, Cathy! And right, I went through so many different fruits and vegetables, playing around with color, and texture, and how the product itself would give some kind of vague or specific insight into the character. I don’t know–I might have spend too much time on it, looking back at it–but it came down to the avocado because it didn’t see too obscure, while at the same time, not too generic (?). And when I think of avocados, for some reason I think of confidence, independence, individualism. I honestly don’t know why but somewhere along my experiences with avocados, perhaps subconsciously, it became those symbols for me. I also love the color green.


2) Who is it that is observing her? Who is the “they”? Or does it matter?

I’m not quite sure if it matters or not, but right, it is certainly a generic “they,” in hopes of creating some kind of surrealism with the vagueness of who’s looking at her. Ideally, I was using “they” to contribute to the experience of some kind confusion or subtle chaos or spectacle–a group of onlookers, however massive or small.