We recently published Camille Clarke’s dreamy “Apple and Sunny.”

Here, we ask her two questions about her story:


1) This story — I feel so sorry for Honey, wishing so hard! Do you think she will ever find her way, like Apple and Sunny have done, and go somewhere girls are meant to be proud? Or do you think she will stay where she is?

I (sometimes) like to be optimistic about my characters, so I think she’ll eventually move forward. Honey is a lot bolder than she thinks. A part of her may not have even realized going away is something she can do, and now seeing the girls doing what they choose, she can believe it. I think things can seem more tangible when the people you admire achieve them, and I’m hoping that’s the case for Honey!


2) On a related note, what do you think that place would be like, where girls like Apple and Sunny (and even Honey) are free to just be themselves?

I’m kind of in love with the idea of a bunch of women living on a big estate in the French countryside with a lake nearby for swimming and trees around for hidden kissing, and when they bike into town in their pajamas and with their hair wild, the townspeople will be like, “Oh yes, the girls from the House. They know what living is.” Though I’m not sure if that’s what really works with the story, or if I’m just projecting my daydreams of unbothered lesbian country life onto them. Perhaps a bit of both.