We recently published Rebecca Orchard’s haunting “Please Employ My Ghost Boyfriend.” Here, we ask her two questions about her story:


1) I adore the idea of a ghost boyfriend just hanging around. Do you think he was the narrator’s boyfriend and then became a ghost, or has he always been a ghost and the narrator’s boyfriend?
I think the boyfriend has always been a ghost. Perhaps this is because I can’t conceive of a boyfriend who isn’t a ghost.
2) And the narrator is trying to get her ghost boyfriend hired on somewhere! That is such a unique idea. Where do you think would be the best place for him to work?
Hm, I think he’d be really good delivering mail in a big office, where he’d get to smile at people while also avoiding eye contact. He’d also be good at cataloging things; I once had a job in a rare book store, cataloging mountains of books in their basement, and I think that would appeal to him. It was quiet and secretive down there. He could probably be a prep cook, too, but I don’t think he’d like all the noise and bombast of a kitchen.