We recently published Liz Wride’s innovative “Painted.”
Here, we ask her two questions about her story:
1) What I love about this piece is the theories on the passage of this oddball law. Do you suppose anyone will ever know the real reason?
Nobody will ever know the reason. We live in a world where governments seem to make such strange decisions, that make things so difficult for people in their respective countries – I wanted to sort of capture that – the lawlessness, the strangeness, of law.
2) I think the ending can be interpreted in a couple of ways — either it is sad: everyone’s individuality disappears, or it is happy: everyone is equal now. Does it spoil things if you share your feelings on the ending?
For me, the ending is both happy and sad: everyone’s individuality disappears; everyone is equal now. Some people in the story may welcome being part of the faceless mass – but I like to think that the artists in the story feel pretty sad about it.