We recently published Eilise Norris’s beautiful “Even With Glue.”

Here we ask her two questions about her story:

1) I see this as a bit of a love story — well, two, actually: between the narrator and Rachel, and the narrator and Sindy. Do you see a love story here too?
Yes, I do! That love where you want to be as close as you can to someone, the person they cling to. The narrator has this Best Friend ideal in her mind, which is kind of built-in for a Barbie. I think anyone growing up can feel that same drive to latch onto a best friend and be practically glued together. The narrator doesn’t have that with Rachel, but Sindy could be a match.
2) The narrator is very upbeat and chipper, a personality type that drives me nuts in real life, but I find charming here. How did you find such a perfect voice for this character?
Thank you so much! Terrifically chipper can get on my nerves as well, but I loved writing this character because it was so different for me.
I started writing this story during Kathy Fish’s FastFlash Reunion, thinking of the Aqua song “Barbie Girl” – the less sung, the better. The Barbie in that song is as one-dimensional as carpet, but I imagined her trying to keep up her sunny world view and please everyone. The effort involved has to be immense. When I wrote the character’s voice, I think that effort filtered through the chipperness and made her someone I could relate to. She’s sweet and upbeat but not exactly carefree.